Junior Surf

All enquiries email Gillian -  jss@omanubeach.co.nz

From the age of 5 years, children can join us to participate in Junior Surf, sometimes known as Nippers.

We encourage children to have fun and develop their skills, so that they can enjoy the beach and one day might be able to save someone else too. It’s about developing tomorrow’s lifeguards and opening up a whole new world to children. Omanu Beach SLSC has one of the biggest Junior Surf programmes in New Zealand.

How can I help on Sundays?

  • JS runs Sunday 9am – 11am. Please be seated on the grass in front of your age group coloured flag by 8.40am
  • From 8.45 am each group needs a parent administrator to sign in all nippers. This is a simple task and just needs 1 parent per age group to stand by the appropriate age group flag and sign kids in against a prepopulated list and give them a stamp! Then at the end of the session sign the kids out. Please talk to us if you can help out here!
  • Also often overlooked is pack up, wash down and gear lock up at the end of the session, please pitch in and help after the session finishes. 
  • During session we need parent helpers on the beach and in the water, especially with the younger groups as it is hard to organise and control many kids on the beach when there is wind, surf noise etc.
  • For the safety of all our nippers we need to ensure that as a minimum we meet the SLSNZ ratio requirements for parents’ to kids in the water. This typically means that you need wetsuit or board shorts/togs on as you may be up to your waist in the water for 15 -20mins plus. 
  • BBQ duty. We will pre allocate the BBQ duties this year by age group. On the week that your child’s age group is on BBQ duty we need age group parents to cook and sell the sausages and clean up the BBQ etc. This typically will be from 9.30am – 10.30am please see your group leader and let them know if you can help. Basic petty cash retail skills required!
  • Group Leaders need a 2IC, someone to help run their beach activities and give instructions during the beach sessions, this is a key role and we welcome anyone who would be interested in committing for the season. The club can offer you training via SLSNZ Introduction to Junior surf coaching day course. Let us know if you can help.

Our Group Leaders;

  • Dean Jury – Pink U6
  • Chris Borchardt & Sean Haynes - Red U7
  • Josie Telleria, Jono Sharrock & Dan Pearce – Orange U8
  • Andrew Friedlieb, Declan Stubbing, Ryan Dippie – Green U9
  • Chris Emmett, Todd Murdoch & Chris Butler - Blue U10
  • Jono York, Dan Meade & Niko Fromont – Omanu Academy

Junior Surf Dates for 2023/24

Pool Sessions run on Sundays 15th, 22nd & 29th October;

8.30-9.15 U6 & U7

9.15-10.00 U8 & U9

10.00-11.00 U10 & U11-U14 (Omanu Academy)

Sessions run on Sundays between;

9.00am - 10.00/10.30am - Omanu Beach

First swim for all age groups & 200m testing session (8yrs+) of the season held at Mount College Pool - Sunday 15th October 2023

First beach session of the season at Omanu Beach - Sunday 5th November 2023

Last session for 2023 (Including a visit from Santa) - Sunday 10th December 2023 

First session for 2024 - Sunday 14th January 2024

Last day of the season and Club Champs TBC - Sunday 24th March 2024

Membership Fees

We ask all our Junior Surf participants to sign up and be a registered member of Omanu Beach Surf Lifesaving Club for the season. All Junior Surf members must be accompanied by an Associate Member (parent/guardian/caregiver).

Junior Surf Season Fee = $40 + Member Fee $35

Omanu Academy Season Fee* = $75 + Member Fee $35

Associate Member Fee = $35 per family (if you have more than one child taking part in JS, you only need one Associate Member for the family)

*please note that if you are in the U10 group you will be invited to add on the weekly academy sessions for an extra $35 - if you did not receive this please email the junior surf email address above.  The U9 Green group will also be offered this after Xmas.

2023/24 Junior Surf Calendar - See below

2023/24 Junior Surf HEJA Group Codes - See below

Please note your child will not automatically be in the HEJA group.  You the parent/cargiver need to add them to the team once you have joined the group/team.  You chose the option my child is not yet in the team then add their details.   You manually add each child you have into their own correct age group as per their cap colour & team code in the table below.  Please do not add all your children into the same group/team.