Pool Rescue

Registrations for 2024 Coming Soon!

Our Omanu Pool champs training program is a skills-based weekly training session that occurs in Winter. These trainings complement existing swim fitness training in preparing our club members to compete in the Surf Life Saving New Zealand Pool Rescue Championship.

Like all surf sports programmes, the intention is to build stronger, fitter lifeguards so pool champs athletes are taught various skills that include tube rescue, object recovery, underwater swimming, swimming with obstacles and fins.

Age Groups:
This training is for Oceans age, Seniors and Masters athletes.
Oceans age means members aged 10 years or above as of 30th September 2024.


$50 for season, which will also include any Baywave entries 


  • Togs
  • Goggles
  • Fins (ideally pool fins)
  • Club swim hat for competitions ($15)